An Updated Review Of Digoo DG C8


In 1787, genius Levi Hutchins created the first ever alarm clock in New Hampshire that rang on 4:00 am and pm every day. He also got murdered at 4:05 am by his wife. But that’s beside the point. Alarm Clocks have since been developed to great unprecedented degrees.

 Digoo DG C8

And continue doing so while moulding to better technology, environment, and human life. Similarly, Digoo has been one of the runners with the new development of Digoo DG C8; a light sensor wireless digital alarm clock with astounding features. Some of the specific features are further discussed.

 Digoo DG C8

Light Sensors:

DG C8 offers light sensors in the digital alarm clock that adjusts its backlights according to its environment. Being an environmentally adaptable feature, as the surrounding lights decrease (darkness increases), the backlight automatically brightens. Similarly, as the surrounding light increases such as at daytime, the light sensors decrease the backlight intensity. In this manner, customers have an alarm clock automated to their visual needs by being visually comforting to their eyes at all times of the day. Furthermore, customers can expect power elongation due to less consumption of electrical energy brought upon by light sensors.

Digoo DG C8

Snooze Function:

DG C8 also offers a snooze display function for the desired delay for the customers. This option is present right on the front as an accessible and considerably sized display button at the bottom right-hand corner of the alarm clock. This pragmatically pleasing feature paves way for human comfort and adaptability to your dizzy morning hours to anytime you need to go for the snooze option.

Digoo DG C8

USB Port

For wireless running products, a chargeable source is always necessary. Hence, DG C8 clock inclusively sends its customers a power supply of 5V 1A USB Power Cable. A round hole at the back of the alarm clock is present for easy charge ability by simply attaching the USB port with any connection, including a computer as a desk partner! It should be noted that along with the included USB port, customers can also simply use AAA batteries as an alternate.

Digoo DG C8

Indoor Temperature Display

Along with the respectively mentioned features of a DG C8, there is also an added trait of an indoor temperature display. On the basis of this, the clock exhibits the atmosphere’s exact temperature in a range of 0℃~ 50℃. With this, customers can wake up to or simply look up to their day’s details of not only time but the temperature of their surroundings.

Digoo DG C8

Language Display

Luckily for the global citizens, DG C8 offers a variety of language options for their customers to adapt their clock too. Languages for customer friendlier experiences include; English, German, Dutch, French Danish, Spanish, and Italian.

Digoo DG C8







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