Umbrellas for Rainy and Sunny Days


Umbrellas are not only useful on rainy days. Dermatologists at Emory University in Atlanta (USA) have found that with any type of umbrella it is possible to avoid more than three-quarters of ultraviolet (UV) rays on a sunny day.


Creative Colorful Parasol Leaves Umbrella Transparent Mushroom Arch Tree Fresh PVC Bubble Rain Gear

This one could not protect you away from the UV, but it could keep you from getting wet in the rainy day with leaves on the umbrella. And I do hope you like this one a lot.

Check here: Clear Mushroom Umbrella


KCASA UA-L1 Automatical Travel Umbrella Double Layers Folding Men Business Windproof Rain Gear

This one is really big for not only man, but also for parents who would bring their kids along. This one will be big enough to hold three adults under the umbrella.

Check here: Double Layer Umbrella


Creative Middle Finger Umbrella Novelty Cool Fashion Black Folding Umbrella

Looking for a creative one? How about this with the middle finger as fxxk on the umbrella? This one is supposed to be an eye-catching one. Hence, if you are looking for something to make your own statement, you should never miss this one.

Check here: Middle Finger Umbrella

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