Ultrasonic Bug Repeller for a Clean Room


These days I was very angry and troubled by the rat on the ceiling. Every midnight when I was dreaming, it gnawed the board of the ceiling and made a nettlesome noise that obstructed my sleep. Without a good rest at night, I easily got tired and absent-minded when I was working. More importantly, I was worried about the rat would fall down from the ceiling one day and much more difficult to flush out. Complained to my friends and finally they recommended the ultrasonic bug repeller to me to flush the rat out of my house.

ultrasonic bug repellerI have ever used rat poison in order to kill the mice but it has no effect for them and I am worried about my pet dog will eat it. I don’t want to use mice glue because I am scared to throw it away if a mouse stuck on the glue one day. The ultrasonic bug repeller is suitable for me. It applies to the places which could not use poison bait and pesticide, like foods depots, drug depots, granary and etc. The rats cannot bear the ultrasonic sound and leave far away from the sound. At the same time, ultrasonic sound can be spread to the place that people cannot reach.

ultrasonic bug repellerultrasonic bug repellerSome of you may be afraid of the ultrasonic sound will be harmful to people’s health. In fact, it is harmless unless you close to the repeller almost at your elbow all the time. At the same time, the ultrasonic repeller can plush the flies, mosquitoes and other bugs out of my house. I can enjoy my sweet dream again.

ultrasonic bug repellerultrasonic bug repellerIn order to keep our home away from bugs, we need to keep our home clean and do housekeeping every day. It had better to use storage boxes to collect food to avoid the rats and other bugs. It is a duty for us to kill off the pests.

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