Tricks for Small Kitchen


As many people do, my kitchen is nearly too small to store all my stuffs. As our kitchen appliances and cooking wares become more and more, it’s necessary for us to keep everything in order. Here are some tricks to help you clear up this problem.

kitchen gadgets

Hanging as many kitchen gadgets as you can on the wall is the most effective. Most of us have wasted the wall in our kitchen. There are so many ways to hang your stuffs on the wall, and it could keep all the stuffs be accessible to you. Don’t let your wall become a waste.

dining utensil

The other way to use your walls is to install some cabinet shelves on them. Since some cooking wares or dining utensil couldn’t be hanging on the wall, some cabinet shelves may be useful to you. Those shelves are cheap, and it’s easy to install them. Let’s get some.

dining utensil

Since my microwave oven had broken down, I have used it as storage to store tableware. This idea is brilliant. If your oven could works, you could put your tableware or accessories in a storage basket before you put the basket into the oven. It’s convenient for you to take the basket out when you need to use the oven. Since it has a huge cavern to store your stuffs, there is no reason for you to waste it.

dining utensil

Don’t hesitate to throw the stuff away that you won’t use again. It would be the most practical suggestion. There must be a lot of stuffs which are useless, but you don’t want to throw them away. You should make up your mind to throw those stuffs away, and then you would find out that your kitchen become more spacious.

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