Top 3 Smart Alarm Clocks of 2018


Alarm clocks are a perfect companion for those who often had a hard time waking up. It allows you to sleep better and wake up refreshed. These clocks have features that can boost your daily wake-up routine helping you get up on the right side of the bed every morning. However, finding the right clock might be difficult sometimes. Here is a list of top 3 smart alarm clocks that will help you wake up refreshed every morning.

smart alarm clock

Top 3 Smart Alarm Clocks of 2018

  1. DiDo X9 Mirror LED Display Alarm Clock

The DiDo X9 Mirror LED Display and Hi-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker FM AUX is a Hi-Fi wireless Bluetooth speaker as well as a smart alarm clock. The product includes a large intelligent mirror LED display which provides high-quality service. The device comes with rechargeable batteries, just charge it for 5 hours and you can use it continually for up to 25 hours. The product also has smart screen touch setting and remote control with 2 choices of setting way to lead your life convenience.

smart alarm clock

  1. Lockii DC-07 Digital Temperature Hygrometer Alarm Clock

The Loskii Dc-07 Digital Temperature Hygrometer Alarm Clock is a multi-function weather station alarm clock that not only works as an alarm clock but also displays current weather forecast. The device has a large LCD screen that displays the current indoor temperature, humidity levels all in real-time. The device comes with 2 AAA batteries and has an aluminum cover for protection from the damage. It is weighted only 100 grams and beautifully designed to fit the device anywhere in your room to monitor the current temperature trends as well as keep track of the current time.

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  1. Loskii 3D Colorful Digit LED Alarm Clock

The Loskii HC-26 Digit LED Thermometer Alarm Clock is a 3D digit alarm clock that has a uniquely simple design and comes with 115 different changeable colors that can also be used for decorating your home. The clock has two different displays, one displays the time and the other displays the date and temperature in a cycle. The intelligent remote control helps you switch different display modes as well as setting the clock conveniently. Its Smart Sound Control Function can sense high sensitivity and even an applause can turn on the clock’s LED screen.

smart alarm clock


These are the top 3 smart alarm clocks for the year 2018 and all of them are unique in how they operate as well as budget friendly. All the three alarm clocks have loads of features that will help you wake up refreshed in the morning as well as decorate your home with their unique designs.


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