Tips to Repel Mosquito Bites in Summer


Hi. I am back. Sorry for the lag in blogging. I really had a great time when taking a vocation. I can’t wait to share with you guys. Summer has come already and I’m pretty sure you all enjoyed the leisure by the beach as i did. Everything was awesome except for the little annoying insects–mosquitoes. I talked about this with my friends and unsurprisingly many of them are plagued by this nasty insect relentlessly, especially in summer. So i did some researches online and found some tips against mosquito bites. If you are often bothered by the mosquito bites, you should probably keep on reading.

Anti-mosquito Window Screen

When you are going to head outside, keep in mind that dark clothing attracts mosquitoes easily. So wearing light colored and loose clothing will keep mosquitoes away because it will be harder for them to distinguish. Besides, many of us wear perfume or use deodorant spray which attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are sensitive to the scented products that you used, such as lotions, perfumes, body sprays, scented soaps and body washes. If possible, try to use unscented toiletries.

Anti-mosquito Window Screen

I don’t know if you share the same frustration with me. Mosquitoes are everywhere in summer. They just keep bothering you over and over again like they can’t be fed. Many families install the anti-mosquito window screen to prevent mosquitoes buzzing around. This magnetic window screen can keep mosquitoes away with your window open. It opens easily and then closes automatically by the powerful magnets. Therefore you can enjoy the fresh air without closing all of your windows. I think it works well because it is a direct and convenient way to repel mosquitoes.

Anti-mosquito Window Screen

You may know that I’m a garden enthusiast if you’ve read my blog before. I’ve tried lots of garden decoration in my backyard. And luckily I found some plants I grew could ward off mosquitoes successfully, like marigold, rosemary, basil and lemon balm. Many of you prefer using chemical products to repel mosquitoes. Maybe they work quickly but they aren’t environmental friendly and could do harm to our health.


Another thing you shouldn’t forget is to make sure that you also stay away from these places with standing water like pools, trash cans, basins, dirty dishes, pet watering bowls and bird baths.  Follow the above tips to discourage mosquitoes from coming around so that you can enjoy the fantastic summer without itchy and painful bites.

Anti-mosquito Window Screen

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