Tips on Preparations for Swimming


It’s summer now. It’s time for us to wear swimsuit to swim to get some refreshment in this hot summer. Swimming is the most comfortable sport in summer. However, inadequate preparation for swimming may keep us from the comfort and enjoyment of this kind of sports. So, in order to enjoy swimming, I think it is necessary to make full preparations for swimming. Today, I will share some tips with you.

  • Check the weather

If you plan to swim on the beach or open-air swimming pool, you should check the weather before going swimming. If it’s forecast that it may rain or have thunder or other poor weather, you’d better change your plan or choosing a indoor swimming poor is OK if you are desire for swimming. Besides, check the weather can tell you to how to do the sunscreen work well.

  • Avoid eating too full

If you plan to swim, you shouldn’t eat too full within an hour before you go swimming because when you are swimming, your body have to digest the food you eat before, which bring cramp to you easily. So you should avoid eating something hard to digest such as hamburgers. The right thing that you should do is to eat something easy to digest and remember not to eat too much.

  • Pack up all the things you need in your swimming bag

First, prepare your swimming bag. As for me, I like to use a PVC Travel Bag as a swimming bag because it looks cool and fashionable in summer and it is waterproof so it will not make your things wet. And then pack up your swimming suits, sunscreen cream, towel and goggles in your Transparent PVC Handbag. And you can take extra dry clothes to change in case you make the dry clothes wet.

 PVC Travel Bag

  • Keep your valuable belongings safe.

Mobile phone, wallet and other valuable should be kept in the lockers especially when you go to swim alone. Even you go swimming with your friends, you should keep them in your sight if you do not want to keep them in the lockers. Besides, you should keep them from water by using a transparent PVC handbag especially your mobile phone.

  • Do the sunscreen work well

It is easy for us to get a sunburn in summer. So we should do the sunscreen well. The right way to do is that apply 30 SPF sunscreen 30 minutes before swimming even in a cloudy day.

  • Warming up

Warming up is necessary before you jump into water. Otherwise, it will cause cramp easily. You can learn some warming up sports online or at least do warming up by stretching your hands and legs and waving your waist is OK. In a word, warming up can be lack.

After full preparations, wear your sexy bikini beach and jump into water with ease and enjoy swimming.



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