Tips for PlantingPurple Pampas Grass?


Considered as a weed for a long time, the purple pampas grass has long been fought and even ended up completely disappear from the vegetation of some countries. Indeed, its ability to grow and cover a very large area does not necessarily please everyone. Yet some of us are attracted by the beauty of this plant and use it at home as a decoration, or to sell it to the highest bidder. If you are one of these people, you will find here how to plant and grow purple pampas grass. Also known as Cortaderia jubata, this plant is the fantasy of some people who would like to grow it. And while planting and growing it is relatively easy, there are several things to consider:

purple pampas grass

– Choose the right location:

Purple pampas grass is a rather special plant that needs a lot of natural light, and therefore a lot of suns. It can only be planted in spring. You should also make sure that the location where you decide to plant it is exposed to the sun throughout the day, to promote a good development of your plant. This location must also be clear, as this plant can be up to 3m high then needs a lot of space to develop.

purple pampas grass

– The type of soil:

Purple pampas grass generally grows in aerated and fertile soils. Since it does not need much water for its development, avoid putting it in clay soils or holding water. You can put it in a large vase, but because of its size, it is rather advisable to dig the earth sufficiently and fill the hole dug with fertile and aerated soil.

purple pampas grass

– Seedlings or seeds:

One or the other is possible. After preparing the soil you can directly plant purple pampas grass seeds or your seedlings that you have purchased. Note that it is better to find seedlings because they grow and adapt faster, instead of using seeds that take 15 to 25 days to germinate.

– Watering your plant:

As mentioned above, your plant does not need a lot of water for its development. Watering it once every two weeks is enough for its good development. So, be careful to water quantity you give it because too much water can affect the development of your purple pampas grass.

purple pampas grass

– Maintaining your plant:

Depending on the result you expect, you must take great care of your plant. Remember to trim it regularly, to give it the best shape according to your needs.

By following all his instructions and some wise advice, you will be able to grow this plant at home. After putting your plant in the best possible conditions, you just have to let time do things, and watch your plant grow.

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