Tips on Storing Our Shoes By Using Hanging Shoe Racks


Those who are crazy about shoes may suffer a lot from shoe organizing. Although we have many shoes at home, we still want to get them once we see the shoes that we like. Therefore, more and more shoes are stacked up in our house, which makes it difficult for us to organize it. But you do not worry. Today, we will tell you something about hanging shoe racks, and you will help you find the way that you can store your shoes easily.

Use of a grid

This is a metal grid which can be of different measures of your desire. The grid is leaned against the wall and it can best fit for hanging heels in pairs to make it attractive and should be placed in an open and clear place to allow you to find them easily especially when you are hurried to go out.

hanging shoe rack

Use of Rods

It’s advisable to use your space maximally, you can use hangers with clips for your boots in pairs. There are also other books such as the S’ shaped hang which you can use to hang heels and sandals.

hanging shoe rack

Use of molds

Sometimes you may be in a dilemma on where to store our shoes, the empty walls can be an option as it is a cheaper and easier way to store your shoes. It uses trim which can be arranged in rows to have an organized display and shoes put into pairs for your storage to stand out.

hanging shoe rack

An Over Door Organizer

It is effective for you to use plastic slots to store shoes, which can hold up to 30 pairs. It not only helps store your shoes in a convenient way but also saves your time.

hanging shoe rack

Towel rack

You can change your towel rack another role as it can be used to hang pairs of your heels off the bar.

hanging shoe rack

Float shelves

This is a wall storage which uses a flexible surface to store your shoes. The wall spaces with a number of sneaks are the floating shelves used for storing shoes.

hanging shoe rack

The above are the best tips on how you can organize our shoes in a hanging shoe rack. This will save you from turning your house into a giant shoe storage space. You don’t have to pass across your shoes in the kitchen and to the doorstep. The options favor everyone including those who are not lucky enough to have a walk-in closet. Try any of the options today. For more various kinds of shoes racks, please check this page.


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