Tips to Know The Best Location for Your Air Purifier


If you live in a home with all manner of toxic air pollutants like cigarette smoke, garage exhaust, and pet hair, then buying an air purifier is a good option. An air purifier also becomes handy if some members of your family have asthma and other aerial allergies. Purifiers can also remove dump smells and other cooking odors and give the air a nice, clean and bright feeling. One of the hottest air purifiers in the market at the moment is a Xiaomi air purifier.

xiaomi air purifier

Many homes and buildings contain air purifiers built directly into their cooling and heating systems. However, recent advancements in technology have produced better devices that are equally beneficial, and they’re flooding the market. But the primary concern is knowing the best location to place them.

xiaomi air purifier

Identify your needs

Placing your Xiaomi air purifier inside the room where the air quality is worst, or where you spend most of your time is a good idea. But it all depends on your specific situation.


If you suffer from severe allergies that deny you sleep at night, then placing the Xiaomi purifier in your bedroom will not only get rid of the impurities in the air throughout the night but also do wonders for your nasal passages.


And if your favorite dogs and cats are making your living room inhabitable, then placing the purifier in the living room will go a long way toward ridding the room of floating pet hair, dander and other allergens that make your daily life torturous.


And if your favorite uncle or grandpa enjoys puffing his pipe in the library or study, place the purifier here so that it can suck up the toxic fumes.

As a rule of thumb, all purifiers are built with intake and output. It is crucial that these parts are left open and transparent. Also, ensure there is a minimum of 2 feet of space on all sides of the purifiers to enable it to operate optimally.

xiaomi air purifier

How about safety

As far as security goes, avoid placing the purifier in a place where someone is likely to trip over it or hurt their toes. And this does not mean you conceal it entirely. No homeowner wants to put his purifier in the corner or attic.

Some new Xiaomi models are built with an intake on the front and an outlet on top. If you’re looking for a unit that can get stuck up a wall, then this model is the best option. The moment you order one, then deciding where to place it is the easier part. But if you already own one, then allow enough space on all sides.

xiaomi air purifier

Also, remember…

  • To avoid placing your purifier close to other electronic gadgets. There is a love-hate relationship.
  • A purifier works best when all doors and windows a shut.



Unless you live in a tiny home, always buy a large Xiaomi air purifier. The larger it is, the more efficient and quiet it will work. Everything depends on the impurities in your home air and how much space there is. Once in a while, several Xiaomi purifiers can do the job better than the large one.


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