Tips for Using and Maintaining Ceramic Knives


I must say I have always been reluctant to have ceramic knives for the kitchen, but a month ago they gave me a game, and of course, you have to learn to use them as they are very different from steel knives of a lifetime. They also often sell these knives as knives for a lifetime. And I say they will be for life if you do not use them. Everything in this life ages with use. And these knives are no less. Of course, we can make the need to sharpen black blade ceramic knife set less with a few simple tips.

Black Blade Ceramic Knife Set (1)

Do not use ergonomic ceramic knife set cut up hard surfaces. Or otherwise, always cut on soft surfaces such as cutting boards made of plastic or wood. Avoid cutting directly on the marble or similar in the kitchen.

Ergonomic Ceramic Knife Set

Do not use these bone cutting knives. Not even chicken. To make them last longer, these knives have to be used to cut pieces of meat or fish without bones or bones and of course they are used to cut vegetables, fruits, etc. Do not use these knives to pry open cans. The ceramic blade is much less flexible than steel so you could break the tip.

Ergonomic Ceramic Knife Set (1)

Do not skin the garlic by crushing it with the side of the leaf. The reason is the same, you can break the blade.

Black Blade Ceramic Knife Set

Use a knife to keep them. It is the best way that it will not break in contact with other knives. In addition to the best precaution when picking them up. In a drawer we could cut ourselves if we do not take the due precaution when picking them up.


The disguise of these knives occurs, usually, by a splinter of the blade. In those cases it is best to go to specialized sites to have them sharpened with special diamond dust stones.

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