Tips for Keeping Your Books in Good Condition


A few weeks ago, my friend came to my house, and she found out surprisingly that my books have been kept in good condition. Yes, I do have lots of books in my house, and I do have taken good care of all of them. I love books, which give me a more satisfying reading experience. However, as I know, there are people who have already left books behind and turn to the e-books, while there are still many people who would love to have paper books. If you love books as much as I do but have no clues about how to keep them in good condition, this is exactly the article you have been looking for. I would love to share some tips with you about how to keep them in order and in good condition.

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First of all, you should be clear that how many books you have and if there is enough space you got for your books. If there is not enough space for keeping your book, you might have to add a new bookshelf to your house or throw away some old books with novelty bookmarks. However, I bet that most of you are not willing to throw those precious books away.

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The second problem might be the dust. If you don’t take this seriously, it might cause you lots of troubles. To keep the books away from dust, the most important thing is to make sure that you have kept them in a proper place instead of a drafty room. If your room is drafty, you could purchase a bookshelf with glass so that to keep the bookshelf always clean inside.

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There are many factors will make a great big difference as you keep your books in your room, for example, sunlight, humidity, and heat. In view of that, it’s important to choose a proper place to keep your books away from the sunlight. If there is excessive moisture, which will affect the paper seriously of the book in your room, you might need to keep the books away from the window and the desiccant will be quite helpful. As to avoid the heat do damage to your books, just make sure your books are far away from any heat source.

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There is a little trick for you to arrange your books as you got lots of books so that you could find the book you want to read in a few seconds. Most of you might just put the book back on the shelf randomly, which is exactly the reason why you have to spend time on looking for the book you want. Just start lining up your books in your own way with decorative sticky paper. For example, you could keep the books in the same color together.

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If you are going to take your time to care for your books, your kids and grandsons might be able to read your books one day. Such an amazing thing!

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