Tips for Decorating Your Garden With Grass


A Garden plays an important part in our life. People nowadays love a home surrounding with beautiful tiny or huge gardens but are not aware of techniques, innovative ideas, and many more concepts. It is really very important to keep renovating and experimenting on it. If you love gardening and want to decorate your garden in a perfect way yet innovative. I have some beautiful garden decor ideas for you to explore with your passion for gardening. You can decorate your garden with artificial or natural plants as per your requirement and interest. There are so many beautiful plants you can use to add charm to your garden such as:

purple pampas grass

Purple pampas grass

This is a very beautiful species of grass also known by Cortaderia Jubata and Andean pampas grass. The purple pampas grass is usually taller in size with long and thin leaves. At the top of it, there is a bunch of grass tussock that gives it a push and catches everyone’s attention. It has panicles that are pink and purple in color but turn cream or white as they get older. You can buy these grass or its seeds at a very reasonable price easily.

purple pampas grass

Blue oat grass

It is a kind of flower with an oat-like structure. It also has a bunch of grass in it that looks very attractive and beautiful particularly used for garden designs in landscaping. Generally speaking, it will grow in between 140 cm to 60 cm with a pale green color and a tinge of blue. And it is evergreen, which gives you always a natural and pure feel every time when you look at it all you get is the positive vibe.

Golden Japanese grass

This is another a very good option for decorating your garden. As the name says it all they are golden in color with a green shade. These grasses grow from 18 inches to 20 inches long in a whole green and golden color of the bunch which looks super attractive and beautiful. They take a little longer time to grow and a little more care and start fading in the winters. So if you are a summer person you must go for the other options.

purple pampas grass

Moor grass

These are totally different from the golden Japanese grass but also grows in a rich golden yellow color.  Being one of the tall grasses,  they have 2 long leaves each of 60 cm with a flowery look. But the flowers only can be seen during July to frost. And they usually fully grow in between August to winters. So if you love winters just go for this option as they are going to show you the best of them in this season.

purple pampas grass

Finally, it should be noted that even if you bring the best grasses for your garden the process is not yet ended, The main point to keep in mind is how to take care of them. You can buy books to explore more ideas about how to care for them. Do careful experiments with these grasses with appropriate controls and techniques. And you can also do some little efforts to make your garden unique. Educate yourself to bring out the best in you for the best. You can use organic products too for better results.




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