Tips about Bathroom Improvement


How much do you value your bathroom? Most people tend to neglect the bathroom when making improvements to their home. This is because they lack ideas on bathroom improvements. You can go for a shower rod that is curved, a shower water filter, handheld showerhead holder bracket and use updated lighting among others. The bathroom improvement tips are described below.

  1. Usetiles

Glass or Mosaic tile is costly at around $5 per 12-inch-square sheet. However, you need just enough to add some beauty to your bathroom. A dozen sheets will make a big impact on your bathroom. Use of special tiles sporadically or as a border in the pattern of the tile provides the design with a punch of character and color.

shower water filter

  1. Include a shower rod that is curved

Curved shower rods of small detail make your shower spacious. Common straight rods cost about $6 while the curved shower rod cost about $28. More to the extra space, the curved models are nice looking and stick to the wall with screws as opposed to tension. Hence you need not worry about the rods being pulled down.

shower water filter3. Add a shower water filter

You should consider adding a shower water filter, handheld showerhead holder bracket and other shower improvements to add value to your bathroom. A shower filter is necessary since shower water releases chemicals into the air, we absorb more chlorine via showering than via drinking water, chemicals in the shower water could cause damage to the skin micro biome and irritate the skin, and you may suffer from diseases like cancer due to the chemicals in the shower water. The filter filters these chemicals to keep you and the environment safe.


shower water filter

5. Update the Lighting

It is ideal to think of the improvement to include lighting to avoid having a refurbished bathroom with outdated lighting. Decorating your bathroom with bright light can make your bathroom look larger and brighter. So apart from changing the light, you should check if the cable can serve your new lights. Put into consideration recessed lighting over the shower for great illumination while showering. Just ensure that the lighting have been indicated to be for bathrooms.

 showerhead holder bracket

6. Splurge on something

Even a tiny makeover of a bathroom is a major cost and the urge to reduce the expense wherever you can is understandable. Therefore pick your spot. Splurge on a fixture you like that will define the feel and look of the new bathroom. This could be an exquisite feature in the sink or shower, a towel rack that is heated, or s special-order vanity top. Paying some extra dollars on fixtures will pay in the foreseeable future. Cheap features in the bathroom do not last. When they break, they can be hard to replace.

shower water filter

The above improvements will make your bathroom both modern and safe at the same time. Ranging from adding a shower water filter, handheld showerhead holder bracket and splurging on something to updating the lighting, the improvements will make your bathroom your new favorite spot.

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