Tips on Adding Moisture to the Dry Air


In winter, the cold weather poses a potential threat to our health. For example, if we do not keep us warm by wearing clothes, it is easy for us to catch a cold. In addition to the cold weather, winter also comes with dry air due to less precipitation. By now, it has become another potential threat to our health, especially for our respiratory system and skin. The is because the dry air that enters our respiratory tract will weaken the adsorption capacity of our respiratory mucosa which is considered as the screen that can prevent bacteria and dust from our respiratory system. What’s more, it also makes our skin drier, leading to itching. Therefore, it is necessary for us to add moisture to the air in the dry season. Tips are as follows:

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1.Put bowls of water or vases of flowers in your room. The water will evaporate into the dry air so it will add moisture to the air.

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2.Installing a drying rack in your bedroom and let the wet clothes dry naturally. So you can not only add moisture to the air but also dry your wet clothing without using a dryer. It is very environmental-friendly for you to try.

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3.Rice cooker is also one of the tools we can moisturize the air in winter. When you are cooking rice, the water vapor from the cooker can make the air moisturized effectively. But it can not function like this throughout the day because you will not cook rice all the day. Xiaomi humidifier can help you add moisture to the air quickly, making you feel comfortable all the day. With the compatible design, it produces homogeneous air so that it can easily moisturize the dry air. It comes with silence design which guarantees you a sound sleep although it is used at night. It also comes with a music player so you can enjoy the fresh air and wonderful music at the same time by connecting it with your device.

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Dry air is threatening our health everyday everywhere. There is nothing more important than the health of us and our families. So, it is necessary for us to learn how to add moisture to the air in order to keep our families away from the dangerous air. Many ways and many appliances are available for you to keep the air moisturized. With the goal of taking good care of your families, you will choose the most suitable one. Xiaomi humidifier is sold at a discounted price. If you are considering to get one, take the coupon quickly.

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