The Scratch Map I Received


Hello, everyone. To people who would love to have fun with the world map, this review will seem kind of funny, because, recently, I have receive a package from china, and this item, the world scratch wall map, could be real fun for most of you.

World Scratch Wall Map

As you could know from the name, this scratch map is a world map, which needs to be scratched. At the first beginning, the map is brown colored. I know this amazing item from one of my friends, and it’s quite cheap for less than 10 dollars. I thought that the idea is interesting, and I don’t mind to hang such a creative map on the wall. So I tossed this item in the cart as I found it on

World Scratch Wall Map

I bet that one of the purposes that this map is made for is to record the place that we have been to. Aside from the photo that we could take from the trip, to mark down the place we have been could be also wonderful with this world scratch wall map. As long as you have traveled, you could use the batman two-face coin or another tool to scratch the country you have traveled.

World Scratch Wall Map

Now let’s take a look at the map I got. The card size is about 88*52 cm. You could see that I had to use my phones to pin down the map, because it keeps curling into a tube as I got it out the very beginning.

World Scratch Wall Map

batman two face coin

The paper is glossy and thick. I am glad that I got this scratch map without any damage. As you could see from the pictures, in general, this world scratched map is cool and amazing. And I would love to buy some to surprise my friends, since I bet this could also be amazing gift for my friends certainly.

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