The Right Way to Use BW-AP2 Air Purifier for Optimum Performance


The Right Way to Use BW-AP2 Air Purifier for Optimum Performance

At home, ventilation can do a decent job of keeping indoor air pollution-free. But there is indoor pollution like cigarette smoke that needs to be gotten lid off.  And what is the best way to purify indoor air? Buying the BW-AP2 air purifier is the first step to breathing clean air, then the second step is knowing how to use it and get the best from it. Below we discuss how to effectively use one.

BW-AP2 Air Purifier

  • Where to Place Your Purifier

Most of us place the air conditioner against a wall or a corner to blend with the furniture, but for a BW-AP2 air purifier to work efficiently and effectively, it needs room to take in the air and push it out to the room. If it’s leaning against the wall, it can’t take in as much air. For full performance, you should place your purifier at least 10 cm away from the wall.

  • Keep Doors and Windows Closed

One way to increase the effectiveness of your BW-AP2 air purifier is to make sure the room is well sealed. The easiest way to ensure that your home is airtight is to use insulation tape to seal gaps around windows and doors. However, the better sealed our homes are, the more the CO2 we breathe out will build up. That is no problem if there aren’t many people in the room, but if there are several people in the room balance of air is paramount.

BW-AP2 Air Purifier

  • Replace the Filters at the Right Time

While the filters in your BW-AP2 purifier provide an excellent service of trapping pollutants, they do have a short lifespan of 6 to 12 months, but it depends on usage. Check the filter status indicator regularly, if it turns red, replace the filter following the manufacturer’s instructions. After replacement, reset the filter status indicator. To keep the purifier’s body clean, wipe dust and debris using a dry microfiber cloth. Evade using a wet cloth.


An air purifier contributes immensely to the quality of indoor air at home/office. If used in the right way, it can keep you and your family safe as it can eliminate the occurrence of asthma and other respiratory ailments. Besides trapping or removing pollutants from the air, purifiers can improve the quality of sleep. And as we all know, well-rested minds are productive minds.

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