The Review of Xiaomi Aqara Door Sensor


In the present scenario, the world becoming so hostile. People don’t even feel safe in our homes. To ensure safety and security people need to use intelligent door sensor. These sensors not only keep home everyone home safe but they also tell us about intruders. Nowadays there are many door sensor available on the market. But Xiaomi Aqara door sensor is one of the best sensors for personal and security use.

Xiaomi Mi Home

A brief discussion on Xiaomi aqara door sensor

Aqara door sensor is launched by Xiaomi company, and it is made up of smart Technology. It is a tiny device and available in white in color. For using the aqara door sensor, a person needs to download the MI Home app on their mobile phone or Tablet. After that, he can connect the door sensor to the Xiaomi Mi home mobile app.

Xiaomi Mi Home

After installing everything user get the notification on their mobile phone or tablet of every opening and closing of the door. The user can also install intelligent door sensor on windows too. In Xiaomi Mi home application user can also turn on the fantastic feature for receiving a notification like buzzing an alarm or turn on the backlight. When a person is busy with his work, then this feature plays a vital role.


Intelligent door sensor feature

For daily security: If a person is busy in his regular work or job than he doesn’t have any idea about opening and closing of the door like who is coming inside the home and who is going outside. So for safety user can install in their home. A user can also install intelligence door sensor in their secret room too, so that no one can enter in that room or if anyone opens by chance that he will come to know by getting the notification in the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi Home

Wireless sensor: Aqara door sensor has a wireless connection. These sensors are run through WiFi or internet connection. So you must have good quality on the internet or wifi connection.

Buzz alarm and turn on backlight: When somebody opens the door of the house (he may be the thief or any family member) then user phone buzzing alarm as well as turning on the backlight. This the most helpful feature of Xiaomi intelligent door sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Home

Download Mi home application: For using the Xiaomi intelligent door sensor user needs to download MI home application. Without downloading this application, he can’t use the door sensor.

Sensing area: Intelligent door sensor can sense the area near about 22 millimeters. It can work under the temperature of 10℃- 50℃ and the single piece are made up of the CR1632 cell battery.


Xiaomi door sensor has various features. Anyone can efficiently use it, a user doesn’t need any special for operating this sensor. According to me, it is the necessity for today’s generation for safety purpose. So just take this door sensor on the Banggood.

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