The Review of Broadlink S1C-Wireless Door-Window Sensor


The security of doors and windows is important in every home. Nowadays many buglers have sophisticated tools which enable them to break into houses and steal important items without being detected. Teenagers also sneak through windows at night and go to parties without informing their parents. You can prevent these problems and many more if you have the Broadlink S1C-Wireless Door-Window Sensor. This device uses the advanced technology to protect your doors and windows.



Wireless remote

The sensor has a key remote which gives you full control of the sensor.  It enables you to partially arm, fully arm or disarm the sensor by just pressing a button. When fully armed, all the sensors are activated. But if it is partially armed, some selected sensors are active. Additionally, an “SOS” emergency feature has been integrated to enable you to call for help in case of an incident.


Easy configuration

This device is easy to install in your house. You just need to set up the sensor by pushing a button to switch it on and connect to your device. This sensor allows you to scan barcodes and add more sensors. It notifies you if the installation is successful so that the system runs as expected. It comes with a user manual which you can read and do it yourself.


Smartphone app

Unlike other sensors, this one has an app which you can install in your smartphone or tablet and monitor your house when you are away.  You will receive push notifications in real-time when something happens in your house. This enables you to call the security and prevent crime. You can also browse historical data on the app.


Multiple sensors

This unit has a powerful processor which is responsible for managing about 16 sensors. It can detect a change in temperature and other environmental conditions in your house. You can set the sensor to trigger other smart devices such as an air conditioner to regulate the temperature.


The motion sensor and door sensor can enable you to know if a visitor or an intruder has opened the door of a restricted area such as a home office in which you store important documents or expensive equipment.


In addition, you can connect a door sensor to a liquor cabinet so that you can get notified if your kid has opened it.  It can help you to prevent your kids from consuming alcohol at a tender age.


Auto Home-mode

You can use auto-home-mode to trigger other devices. For example, you can set it to switch on smart-lights, music player and other electronics when you enter the building. This will prevent you from wasting time or doing repetitive tasks such as switching the lights on. This feature makes your house to be ready for you.



Door and window Security sensors are important in our homes since they help us to detect crime and unauthorized access in important rooms. However, you will get so many models of security sensors which are unreliable or counterfeits. But here we recommend the Broadlink door and window sensor for you since it has been proven to work well for your home security. If you are interested in it now, you can get more discounts by downloading the Banggood APP.

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