The Dreame f9 vacuum cleaner: Why you Need to Buy it


When it comes to vacuum cleaners, we know it; we have the best of the best in the new Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner, the most powerful model you’ll find in the market right now. With one of the most fascinating processors you will find, a spectacular control, one of the biggest tanks. All these to your advantage. You will beat the dirty without any problem.

Dreame f9 vacuum cleaner


The Xiaomi Dreame F9 Robot Cleaner comes equipped with a Water tank, Side brush, Charging base, Power adapter, Wet Mop, Cleaning Brush, User Manual. This work of art is powered by a Navigation technology made of 14 sensors use Pioneer 2.0. It has a 600ml dust tank, 200ml water tank, 2500 Pa suction power, and 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity. The dreame f9 operates on Android and iOS Mi Home App. This makes it easy to program and effectively smart on mapping and navigation. It is voice-controlled making it easy and reliable and has a high distinguishing sense on carpet and obstacle detection.


The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 2400 mAh / 14.4V battery which has a 6h plus charging time, and a whopping 2.5hours usage time. This ensures effectiveness and reliability.

Dreame f9 vacuum cleaner


The highest usage quality

This is one of the most spectacular models you’ll find. The  14-sensor Pioneer sensor gives it more stability making it the highest quality model which allows you to be more sure that the vacuum cleaner will do its job without being problematic. It can calculate the most effective route and cleaning will be safer as it is known to avoid obstacles without any problem.

More powerful and more quality

Thanks to the presence of a large quad-core processor, this model is capable of calculating the most efficient route so you can have all the cleanest rooms without any problems. It is quiet and giving you the ability to use everything with the lowest noise level.

Full control

With a 360º vision capacity the vacuum cleaner giving you everything you need in matters cleaning. You can define the route, the rooms you want to record, and can counter obstacles along its path.

It is true to say that there are a variety of vacuum cleaners that work well, but the Dreame f9 vacuum cleaner is a must-have. It is effective, reliable, efficient and most of all, affordable. And its ratings say it all.





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