Tassel Decoration for Your Sweet Home


Tassel is made of threads which are binding together. It’s primarily an ornament which could be applied to clothing, bags or home decors. Admittedly, all of the stuffs that have used the tassel look pretty exotic somehow. It’s said that the tassel is the finishing feature of decoration, and that’s exactly the reason why you shouldn’t miss the tassel home decorations. Here are some wonderful tassel decorations that you deserve.

Tassel Door Window Curtain-1

Tassel Door Window Curtain-2

First of all, the tassel door window curtain, heart-shaped, is feminine for girls’ bedroom. There are also different colors for you to choose, for example, hot pink, sky blue, ivory and so on. As suggestion for teen girls, the popular hot pink is very stunning.

home decor-5

For the thicken curtain, you certainly need the tieback. The tassel tieback is suitable for your classical curtain anyway, and the tassel tieback shows the supple and glossy look. This home decoration is practical and eye-catching for the classical home style.

home decor-4

I love colorful home decor, and that’s the reason why I highly recommend the colorful tassel pillow. This white pillow case is no longer boring, since there are colorful tassels on each side. It’s great idea for you to have this pillow on your sofa. If you have a white pillow and are good at handy craft, you may DIY one for your home.

home decor-1

home decor-2

Aside from the stuffs you can buy in the shop, there is the tassel garland, which you can make on your own. Choose the colors which go well with your room style and follow those tutorials on YouTube. The tassel garland could be not only the party decorations but also the normal home decor.

home decor-3

After showing those tassel home decorations, have you already put them on your shopping list?

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