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30 Nov 2018

An Air Purifier Guide: Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S Review

Clean air is both important and essential to everyone. Particularly with the constant degradation and air pollution people experience nowadays, investing in a good air purifier should be a top priority for everyone. In consequence, it would
24 Oct 2018

12% off for Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S

Protecting our private space from both dust and unwanted smells have always been of primary importance and for a good reason. Xiaomi comes out, yet another time, with a very elegant product that will come to dismiss
28 Sep 2018

Choosing The Best Purifier For Asthma

If you are suffering or know someone who’s suffering from various allergens health issues such as asthma, then you must know the importance of investing in a quality air cleaner. This could range from vacuum cleaners for
1 Aug 2018

How Does The Xiaomi Smart Home Kit Help You Achieve a Smart Home?

The 21st century seems to be the best century to live in. There are all sorts of devices that have been designed to help make our lives much easier and smart homes have taken the experience a
20 Jul 2018

The Smart Purification: An Deeper Look into Xiaomi Air Purifier 2

The number of Cities recording low levels of clean breathing air has increased to surpass the 65% 2010 UN estimation. Being indoors doesn’t change your chances unless you can purify the air in your house. Urban dwellers
19 Jul 2018

Xiaomi Solutions to Promise Your Comfortable Environment

Everyone loves a neat environment. When staying at home, you always want the environment to be comfy and pleasant to stay in. Don’t you just hate it when your house gets untidy with dust and gets cluttered
29 Jun 2018

Tips to Know The Best Location for Your Air Purifier

If you live in a home with all manner of toxic air pollutants like cigarette smoke, garage exhaust, and pet hair, then buying an air purifier is a good option. An air purifier also becomes handy if
21 Jun 2018

How to Choose an Air Purifier?

We all deserve to live in a clean, pristine atmosphere free from contaminants, be it in our home or place of work. Due to their microscopic state in nature, its impossible to see air toxics using our
9 May 2018

Experience a Healthy life with Xiaomi Products

Our house is not only the place that provides us shelter but considering the fact that we spend a lot of our time here, it is extremely important that we keep it clean. Lack of cleanliness can