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28 Mar 2016

You Need a Clock at Home

Clock is a device used for determining time of day, and also for measuring the duration of time intervals smaller than one day. There are a number of varieties hours: watches, wall, table; quartz, mechanical, electronic, and
7 Sep 2015

2015 Interior Design Trends Part One

Are you looking to make 2015 a year of innovation? Do you need to liven up the space? Well, there is no panic necessary. Here are ten modern home decor trends to check out. In this post, we are
4 Sep 2015

Inexpensive Hacks to Decorating Your Dorm

It is the classic college dilemma if you want your room to super sweet but you don’t have the cash o trick it out. Today, I am going to show you 13 amazing dorm decorating ideas that
18 Jul 2015

10 Home Decorations that Bring You Back in Time

Retro home decor is about using vintage items and furniture in new ways. They are distinctive and full of personal feelings about how you think of the house. I always like the retro idea because it makes
16 Jul 2015

Things Every Girl Needs When She Moves Out

Moving out and living alone is super exciting for those who have been living with their family for the past twenty years. It means you are officially a grow-up. You are going to deal with everything on
23 Jun 2015

Decorating with Chevron Pattern

The geometric pattern craze is sweeping all over the world. Nowadays, as those patterns have been applied to many clothing and decorations, it’s a pity to miss them. Those patterns should be used as decorations to beautify
19 Jun 2015

Fabulous Wall Decor Ideas

I’ve been looking for good ways to decorate my walls. Wall decor shows directly to your guests that what overall interior style you are trying to present. According to where they are located, the style of each
15 Jun 2015

Must-have Things in Child’s Room

Many parents have no ideas, when it comes to designing their children’s room. We are eager to give the best thing to our children, since they are the apples in our eye. I have some suggestions that
5 Feb 2015

New Style Wall Decor: Mediterranean Style Decorative Fish Net

Wall detailing can brighten the well-designed rooms of your house. Since there are many wall decorations for people to select: wallpaper, photo frame, wall stickers, etc. however, do you think they are a little normal to your