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13 Aug 2015

CUTE ALERT: Vintage Animal Plates on Wall

You have been dying to decorate your home or apartment into vintage style, because you love those vintage laces and ceramic decorations. You have been looking for some ornaments, for example, the retro ceramic animals or zinc
26 Jun 2015

Tropical Elements in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Some of you may consider designing your kids’ bedrooms as a difficulty, but I am here to tell you that it’s pretty easy. Compared with parents’ bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms are more playful and fancy. For that reason,
5 Feb 2015

Nice Wall Art Decor: DIY Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a craftsmanship that has a long history. In the 14th century, cross stitch spreads to Italy via Turkey from China and then spread in Europe. Initially the cross stitch was popular in the court
29 Jan 2015

Modern Abstract Paintings for Modern House

Abstract painting generally refers to the painting style which hopes not to mimic the nature in the twentieth century. It includes a variety of genres and formed with a long-term and sustainable evolution. All genres try to
26 Jan 2015

Give Her a Memorable Valentine’s Day

How did you spend the Valentine’s Day every year with your lover? Still give her chocolates or roses as usual? It may be lack of new ideas. If you want to let her feel your love, just
24 Jan 2015

Blank Walls Solutions of Your House

To be honest, there are many methods to decorate home in many styles and maybe we all know how to create focal points in our houses. And normally, we would love to make fireplace, sofa, or coffee
28 Nov 2014

Kitchen Decorate Ideas

Kitchen acts an important part in house. To own a neat and beautiful kitchen is always what we crave. Especially to women, a nice and clean kitchen means a lot. Since you will think to keep kitchen