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4 May 2017

Xiaomi CJJSQ01ZM Smart Humidifier-UV Sterilization, New Experience for Quality Life

With living standards improved gradually nowadays, people pay more attention to quality of life and health problems, resulting in smart home products in recent years popular in the market. Xiao mi has pushed many products related with
27 Sep 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway

It has been said that smart home system could make our home and our life smarter. And there are many people that have been used some smart home products at home, such as smart home sockets, smart
6 Sep 2016

Review of Sleepace Mini Smart Sleep Device

Do you sleep well at night? There is undeniable that many of us have troubles in sleeping out of the stress or the surroundings. And it’s normal to have those sleeping problems, like sleep disorders. However, as
7 Oct 2015

4 Amazing Smart Products that Create a Better Home

Smart products really can give us lots of surprise with their unbelievable originality. When smart home products are applied to home design, they will make our home a better and more comfortable place to live in. Here
21 Sep 2015

Home Smart Home: Broadlink RM2 Remote Control

Are you tired of using a bunch of hardware remotes at home? Do you want to control your electrical appliances while you are outside of your home? Do you enjoy living smart convenient life? Then you can’t
18 Sep 2015

Awesome Broadlink RM2 Pro: Make Everything Simple

You have already known the basic functions of the Broadlink RM2 Pro, and this smart item rather appeals to you. However, you feel that it’s a little bit hasty to take it home immediately, and you want
9 Sep 2015

Light Your Garden Up with PLAYBULB

As the one who has wonderful garden or backyard do, I love to beautify my garden as hard as I can, and there is no excuse for me to leave the garden behind. Although it takes me
5 Nov 2014

Smart ORVIBO Allone for Home

We can not doubt that as cell phone is becoming smarter and smarter, many things are invented just in order to follow up this smart cell phone generation. ORVIBO Allone WiWo-R1 WiFi Smart Home Phone Remote Controller