Smart home system Archive

27 Sep 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway

It has been said that smart home system could make our home and our life smarter. And there are many people that have been used some smart home products at home, such as smart home sockets, smart
22 Sep 2016

Review of the Digoo BB-M1 Baby WiFi Camera Monitor

Many parents don’t feel safe to leave their babies in the nursery alone since there are a lot of things that they might concern about. If you have a cute baby, you might not fall asleep well
21 Jul 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Plant Tester

I had been really frustrated to find out that my indoor plants keep dying, and I couldn’t figure it out. And I think there are many people who would have the same problem. To be honest, I
16 Apr 2016

ORVIBO S20 Smart Socket

We recently got ourselves a very interesting device, the ORVIBO S20, which is a smart plug that works wonderfully by connecting with our cellphone thorough the WIFI network, and, with a mobile app, we could enable activation
6 Apr 2016

BroadLink TC2 Is What You Need

Admittedly, the smart home switch of the lights is an integrate part of the smart home system. Only when all the switches become intelligent, the light control of your home could be part of the smart home
24 Jan 2015

Stay Away From Radiation

With the development of the science and technology, mobile phones are getting more and more popular among people. Nowadays people can use smart phone to call, send massages, surf the net and do many other things. With
10 Dec 2014

New Remote Controller for Smart Home

Do you think of owning a more convenient home? It is no longer a dream to have a smart home now as we live in an advanced age. Home is a place which can offer safety, comfort,
5 Dec 2014

Go Wireless Home Security

Within the past decade, wireless technology has been developed rapidly. Till now, mobile device is the most benefit taker and receive the biggest welcome by the people. You may have such an thought run across your mind
4 Dec 2014

Smart Cleaner Makes No Room for Litter

House cleaning is a tough work; we always want to keep our space neat and well-organized. Some narrow space which is out of our reach with a bloom or a regular vacuum cleaner for the cleaning. When