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30 Oct 2015

Smart Plug Makes Life More and More Convenient

Thanks to the development of technology and smart products, it’s obvious that our lives become more and more convenient and funny than we could expect. As a homebody, I am not so interested in hanging out, and
10 Oct 2015

Hobot 168 Glass Cleaning Robot Does the Cleaning in a SMART Way

Are you busy with work and have no time cleaning your house? Are you constantly tired of keeping your head up when cleaning the glass? Do you have trouble cleaning the upper glass? Hobot 168 cleaning glass
8 Oct 2015

Five Products that Let You Work like You’re on Vocation

We at least spend five days a week in our office. Literally it’s like our second home. How to make it more comfortable when you are working? This can also improve your work efficiency when you’re feeling
7 Oct 2015

4 Amazing Smart Products that Create a Better Home

Smart products really can give us lots of surprise with their unbelievable originality. When smart home products are applied to home design, they will make our home a better and more comfortable place to live in. Here
17 Sep 2015

Glass Cleaning Robot to Help Give You A Lift

Your windows look gross due to the countless dust and fingers, and you can’t stand this anymore. You grab all the cleaning tools and try to make it brand new again. However, it appears to be a
9 Sep 2015

Light Your Garden Up with PLAYBULB

As the one who has wonderful garden or backyard do, I love to beautify my garden as hard as I can, and there is no excuse for me to leave the garden behind. Although it takes me
10 Jul 2015

5 Things Would be Better If They Go Wireless

It is the technology that makes the world better. It is the wireless technology that makes the world even better. At the very beginning, people were restricted by the geographical environment and the transportation. With the development
27 May 2015

How to Beef up Your Home Security

So you think your home is safe enough when you are away or even asleep? That is not necessary the case. Every family is at risk of burglary or break-in. Those families with vulnerability or easy entry
11 Dec 2014

Smart Home Product: Broadlink SP Mini Plug

Plug is a thing that connects electricity then makes home smart appliances work. However, we always forget how important the plug is. We need plug everyday in our life and also we purchase plugs at set intervals