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1 Jun 2016

SAFEMORE Vertical Power Strip is an Amazing New Arrival

There are more and more electric devices at home, so the power sockets might be not enough. In order to solve this problem, many families will purchase the power strips. The common power strips are somehow not
30 May 2016

Smart Remote Control Socket at Unbeatable Price

The smart home system might not be new and funny to you now, since many people have added different kinds of smart home products to their house for making their home a more convenient and domestic place
23 May 2016

New Arrival! BroadLink A1 Air Sensor

Air pollution sensor is a device that could detect or keep monitoring the situation of the surrounding air. And as the air pollution become worse, you might need an air pollution sensor at home for you, since
10 May 2016

New Arrival! Smart MP1 Power Strip from BroadLink

I have just found this smart home product, BroadLink MP1 power strip, for you. If you have been following our blog for a long time, you would know that, recently, I have tested many smart home products
29 Apr 2016

Security Camera to Make Your Home a Safer Place

The CCTV is still mainly used in the public sphere for crime deterrent or monitoring. There are so many different purpose of using CCTV, which has become a part of our daily lives. However, you might not
26 Apr 2016

I Got the Broadlink Black Bean Controller

Recently, I begin to design my new house, and I have focused on the smart home design. As there are lots of manufactures which have produced the remote controller, smart home switches and so on, I have
16 Apr 2016

ORVIBO S20 Smart Socket

We recently got ourselves a very interesting device, the ORVIBO S20, which is a smart plug that works wonderfully by connecting with our cellphone thorough the WIFI network, and, with a mobile app, we could enable activation
13 Apr 2016

It’s Time for Xiaomi Smart Home

You might have been familiar with the Xiao smartphone, but do you know exactly that Xiaomi has also produced smart home gadgets? In the modern life, many people have already established their home with the smart home
7 Nov 2015

You Got Everything in Control with the Smart Camera

Before I got the smart camera installed, I could never imagine that the life could be so convenient and amazing. In the first beginning, I found this smart camera, Zmodo ZM-SH75D001 WiFi Camera, occasionally and surprisingly, but