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15 Nov 2017

How Xiaomi IR Remote Controller Contributes in Realizing a Smart Home?

It is the desire of many to live in a smart home. A smart home has all it takes for one to enjoy life. It involves having items that work very smart as far as the modern
21 Feb 2017

Analysis and Testing of the Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker

This is an article that comes out a bit of what is technology related to computing and communications but the truth is that I really wanted to tell you about the Xiaomi electric rice cooker as one
3 Jan 2017

Review of Digoo SB-XYZ Wireless Doorbell

In general, the idea of purchasing something like I had a long time ago, or to be more precise, it appeared after the fencing portion of the metal sheets fence. Previously, everyone who came to visit came
25 Oct 2016

Compare the Hottest Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2016

Although there are many people and manufactories who have said that the robot vacuum cleaner does make life much more convenient and domestic, I have felt really disappointed two year ago as my husband bought a robot
27 Sep 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Smart Home Gateway

It has been said that smart home system could make our home and our life smarter. And there are many people that have been used some smart home products at home, such as smart home sockets, smart
22 Sep 2016

Review of the Digoo BB-M1 Baby WiFi Camera Monitor

Many parents don’t feel safe to leave their babies in the nursery alone since there are a lot of things that they might concern about. If you have a cute baby, you might not fall asleep well
13 Sep 2016

Review of the BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks to the development of technology, there are more and more smart home products that can make our life better and give us a lot of help. And there is a smart vacuum cleaner that can do
6 Sep 2016

Review of Sleepace Mini Smart Sleep Device

Do you sleep well at night? There is undeniable that many of us have troubles in sleeping out of the stress or the surroundings. And it’s normal to have those sleeping problems, like sleep disorders. However, as
21 Jul 2016

Review of the Xiaomi Plant Tester

I had been really frustrated to find out that my indoor plants keep dying, and I couldn’t figure it out. And I think there are many people who would have the same problem. To be honest, I