Modern home decor Archive

14 Jan 2015

Eliminate Mold and Mites for Healthy Life

Healthy home means not only fresh air, we also need to pay attention to many things in the environment of daily life such as refrigerators, toilets, cloth sofa, air conditioning, modern home decor and so on. Whether
9 Jan 2015

Gorgeous Crystal Hanging Pendent Lamp

Crystal chandeliers are suitable for living room, bedroom, dining room, corridor, and hotel lobby. There are various patterns in the hanging pendent lamp such as European candelabra chandeliers, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, parchment chandeliers, stylish chandeliers, conical
6 Jan 2015

Decorate Home View with Window Film

Do you think your home glass windows are too monotonous and normal? In order to let your windows become modern home decor part of house, maybe you have to pay a window retailer or commission an artisan
5 Jan 2015

Healthy Body and Skin from USB Air Purifier

With the development of science and technology, people’s life is getting better and better and the environment is becoming worse and worse. The pollution of automobile emissions has become a severe social problem when automobiles are more
30 Dec 2014

Decorations for Your Marriage Room

Maybe some of you have decided to get married with your lover. The wedding dress, place for wedding party, the list of guests have been settled but have you decorate your new house. For newly married couples,
26 Dec 2014

To Decorate Bedroom in Romantic Style

For couples, romantic things are never old fashioned. To make each sweet everyday will bond the relationship closer. So I think that to make bedroom belongs to both of you is not a bad idea and moreover,
24 Dec 2014

Creative Curtain as Nice Home Decoration

Curtain is an important part that cannot be ignored in home decoration. At the same time, a nice curtain will bright up your home design as well as reduce noise from outside. There are various kinds of
24 Dec 2014

Cute Throw Pillows to Create Warm Home

Winter is a cushion season, do you think so? No matter pillows, throw pillows or cushions are hot when winter comes. They are necessary things for bedroom, living room, sofa, etc. Without throw pillows, sofa and bed