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7 Sep 2015

Extremely Creative Bookshelves Blow Your Mind

As many people do, I extremely love reading, since I try to look at the world from author’s point of view. The adventure novel is my favorite which is really absorbing, for example, The Hunger Game and
24 Aug 2015

Swinging in Your Bedroom

I have got a backyard with a swing for my little one to play with, and it’s such a cute thing to have the swing. Not only it has provided my girl a thing to play with,
11 Aug 2015

Pick a Crystal Ball and Have Some Fun

Crystal ball was very mysterious once, since it’s the popular prop, used for magical prediction on the stage or in the film. In the Disney movies that I have seen, the venomous witches could see something about
3 Jul 2015

Paper Decoration Ideas for Your Sweet Home

Have you been looking for some simple but wonderful decorations? You might be frustrated by your inability to find modern home decor. Let me remind you that paper handmade might meet your need. Since paper works are
24 Jun 2015

Creative Clocks for Decorating

It’s undeniable that clocks are the basic essentials for our home, because we could tell the time by the clocks. However, most of us have clocks which are very simple and drab. Do you know that your
18 Jun 2015

What to Do with Your Travel Photos

As many people do, I love traveling. I consider traveling is a method to recognize myself once again, and exploring the unknown in a different place is marvelous. I think that traveling is a way to see
10 Jun 2015

Go Wild : Animal Home Decor Ideas

It is hard to say which style rules the marketplace. It is the diversity of modern home decor that leads to its continuous development and prosperity. Could this be good for us? Yes and no. Admittedly, we
17 Mar 2015

Leisure Art: Cross Stitch for Your Home

What would you do in your leisure time? Sometimes I think art is a kind of thing which can improve people’s mind, let people be peace and relax and also inspire people imagination. Apart from painting, today
7 Mar 2015

Modern Home Lighting Ideas

To create a modern and also warm home, lighting is necessary as enough and right lighting can brighten any rooms in your house. Since yesterday, I have recommended some lighting ideas for the living room, and this