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5 Jan 2018

How To Prevent Dust Mites?

If you’re prone to allergies or have asthma, then there could be a little invisible enemy in your home causing you big problems. Yes, I’m talking about dust mites. Even if you don’t have allergies yourself, these
9 Oct 2015

Things That Make Everything Easier in Your Entryway

You may be unaware of how important the entryway is, and you haven’t spent too much time on designing it or decorate it. However, the entryway is the place where we start a brand new day and
8 Sep 2015

2015 Interior Design Trends Part Two

In last post, we discussed five of the 2015 interior design trends. In this post, we are going to talk about another five trends to walk you through more popular modern home decor. Hair on hide Hide
21 Jul 2015

Tips of Outdoor Furniture

This is the perfect time to think about outdoor furniture, because patio furniture is always on sale at the end of the beach season. This is the best time for a deal. Outdoor furniture, the popular home
14 Jul 2015

10 Adorable Pillows Everyone Needs in Their Home

At weekend, I like to lie down on my soft couch and listen to the music with my arms around the lovely pillows I bought from the flea market. It is so relaxing and comfortable that I
30 Jun 2015

What do You Know About Cross Stitch

When it comes to home decoration, there are endless topics about it. As the living standard is increasing day by day, people attach more importance to home interior design. They are no longer satisfied with traditional decoration.
23 Jun 2015

Amazing Home Textile Decoration Ideas

As the industry of home interior design has developed rapidly, many related industry also achieved fast and steady development. There is no limit to human’s imagination. It is only the matter of time. The home textiles have
11 Jun 2015

Things You Should Know About Window Treatments

Home interior design is infusing your personal style into every space of your house. The way you deal with the subtlety presents your taste and expectation toward the house. Many people may overlook the impact of the
23 Feb 2015

Country Style Bedroom for Spring

Spring always remind me colorful flowers, fresh and green grass and new born plants. Warm weather and damp air make us change the clothes into spring style and how about your bedroom? Is it time for you