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4 Feb 2015

Review of Wonderful Plant Digital Clock

I feel annoyed that my desk is always messy and I cannot find the things I need sometimes. Although there are files, books, stationaries and many other office supplies on the desk, I still like to put
2 Feb 2015

DIY Potted Plants Review, New Easy Gardening Idea

Since recently, I have been tired of my office desk and I needed something to make my working place more energetic. Hence I decided to have a plant. What plant is perfect to my office desk? As
28 Jan 2015

New Design Pillow: Wood Shaped Throw Pillow Review

As a typical home lady, I usually separate two types of pillows in my house: one is normal pillows which are in classic shapes with different colors or patterns; the other one is the funny one which
27 Jan 2015

Novelty Gift for Your Home: Creative Telephone

Even though smart phones occupy an important position in our daily life, telephones still act an indispensable part in our home. As a member of home appliance in a house, telephone is one of the most traditional
26 Jan 2015

Cool Fridge Door Decorating Ideas

I still remember when I was a child, I used to stick some interesting cartoon stickers or magnets on the fridge door, it was kind of fun as at the time, I always thought I was the
24 Jan 2015

Blank Walls Solutions of Your House

To be honest, there are many methods to decorate home in many styles and maybe we all know how to create focal points in our houses. And normally, we would love to make fireplace, sofa, or coffee
20 Jan 2015

Backup Home Textiles to Make Home Brand New Again

We do want our home to have different style in a year. As a study I read recently said that our mood will change in different seasons, to keep the mood in a good situation, refresh the
19 Jan 2015

Methods for Cleaning Mats

Carpet has become one of the choices for people to beautify their home. Wool, carpet, chenille absorbent mat are dazzling. But after using for a long time or smudge the mat, how can you clean it except
12 Jan 2015

Tips for a New Home Decoration

Do you feel tired with you old home decor and hope to change into new fashion with less money? Here I would like to share you some tips for a new home. Do you always feel uncomfortable