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6 Mar 2015

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Right and fantastic lighting always help us do all our living better. To add instant style and function to your living spaces with these lighting ideas for accent lighting, chandeliers, sconces, etc. Chandelier is the most classic
4 Mar 2015

How to Make Your Bedroom More Sleep-Friendly

Owning a good sleep can improve people’s health and make them have a nice new day. Unfortunately, for many people restorative sleep is elusive nowadays. There are many factors make people couldn’t have good sleep at night,
25 Feb 2015

Some Elegant Home Details Brighten Your Living Room

No matter you are moving to a new house or still living in the same house, decorating the rooms in the house is always what we want to do to make it belongs to ourselves. Since daily
22 Feb 2015

Creative Clouds Rainy Pot Reviews

Spring, a season full of new life and colors, is coming soon, can you feel it? Since the weather is getting warmer and warmer in my country, recently, I had a feeling to grow some mini plants
12 Feb 2015

Fruits for Your Healthy Life

There are various fruits in four seasons. Every weekend I would like to go to supermarkets and buy many fresh fruits in season. Fruits are good for our health by offering vegetable fiber and vitamins. I like
11 Feb 2015

Waiting for Love: Mysterious Lavender

In the Provence, France, which is one of the hometowns of lavender, circulate such a beautiful love story about lavender. There was a girl in the Provence village and adopted the budding flowers alone in the cold
9 Feb 2015

Lamp for Children’s Bedroom

For children who have been to school, study is the primary task in this stage. Therefore, it is essential for parents to choose a suitable desk lamp for children. Children’s lives are always full of colors and
5 Feb 2015

Nice Wall Art Decor: DIY Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a craftsmanship that has a long history. In the 14th century, cross stitch spreads to Italy via Turkey from China and then spread in Europe. Initially the cross stitch was popular in the court
5 Feb 2015

New Style Wall Decor: Mediterranean Style Decorative Fish Net

Wall detailing can brighten the well-designed rooms of your house. Since there are many wall decorations for people to select: wallpaper, photo frame, wall stickers, etc. however, do you think they are a little normal to your