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14 Oct 2016

Eye-catching and Cozy Balcony Decorating Ideas

It is such a wonderful thing that there is a balcony in your apartment. The balcony would be a cozy place for you to enjoy fresh air in your apartment. In view of that, I would like
27 Sep 2016

Mistakes That You Probably Make in Decorating Your Home

Home is the most comfortable place for all of us. You come home after backbreaking work, and your home could give you lace to rest and let your guard down. If you have children, this is the
12 Sep 2016

Decorations for Halloween

It’s fun to decorate our home with different themes! Undoubtedly, in the next month, you will try your best to decorate your home in Halloween theme. And it’s not too early to get everything well prepared. To
19 Aug 2016

Home Decorating Trends from Pinterest in 2016

I bet that many people would love to find some home decoration ideas from Pinterest, and so do I. And it would be an excellent idea to find some wonderful ideas for decorating your home from Pinterest
2 Jul 2016

Home Design in Japanese Style

When it comes to the interior design in Japanese style, those special designs are really attractive to most of us. I love their delicious sushi very much, which is not only delicious but also healthy, and I
10 Nov 2015

Bring the Patchwork Back in Your Home

Think that your home is simple or even drab? Want to make a personalized statement by decorating your sweet home? Look for some wonderful ideas of livening your home up? So, let’s bring the patchwork back. As
21 Oct 2015

Impressive Ideas of Displaying Candles at Home

To create a romantic mood, it’s such a great idea to light up a candle in your house. Aside from using the candles when it’s blackout, I love to light them up as I have the candlelight
15 Oct 2015

Go Luxury: Add the Gold Home Decor

As to show my style, I love the idea of mixing the jewelry in gold and silver. One day I started to think about how to decorate my house in my favorite combination, the gold and silver,
13 Oct 2015

DIY Embroidery Home Decor Liven Your House Up

Words can’t explain how much I love the handy crafts, and I love to DIY something wonderful for my house. DIY could make our life and our home much better than it used to be, and the