Garden decorations Archive

28 Aug 2015

Planting a Four Season Garden

Do you want a landscape with nearly year-around color and interest? It is easier than you think. This post will show you how to create a four season garden using trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses as garden
21 Aug 2015

Useful Care Instructions of Orchids

Orchids are so beautiful and exotic. But did you also know one of the easiest house plants to grow? In this post, I am going to tell you how to care for an orchid. Orchids bloom for
10 Jul 2015

Take Advantage of Eggshells

Eggs contain lots of vitamins, high-quality protein and minerals that we need for body health. Those nutrients that eggs contain are playing an important role in strengthening muscle, brain function and etc. Compared with milk which contains
3 Jul 2015

Interesting Decorative Ideas: Hanging Ornaments

For me, decorating my home means walking into a jungle with countless creatures. I am facing numerous options. Which one should I choose? I always ask myself when entering a store. Luckily, there are home decorative trends
16 Jun 2015

Unique and Space-Saving Hanging Garden Decorations

Home decor is about how to fully utilize the space and incorporate your favorite elements. Some people want to decorate their houses, but they are restricted by the limited space. While some didn’t make full use of
11 Apr 2015

Hanging Garden

Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the eight wonders of the world. It is said that it use three-dimensional air garden gardening practices and put the garden on the top of four platforms. What’s more, it
31 Dec 2014

Special Vases for Planting

I think a lot of girls love flowers very much so do I. I would like to buy different kinds of flowers in different seasons to decorate my home and build up romantic atmosphere. In order to
19 Dec 2014

New Mini Fruits: Thumb Watermelons

Many people like to eat fruits in small sizes because it is convenient to enjoy. Strawberries, cherries and cherry-tomatoes are very popular among fruits lovers. Recently, a new mini fruit has become more and more popular in
8 Dec 2014

Fresh Air from Mini Grass Plant

We can easily find potted plant everywhere such as hotels, restaurants, offices, super markets and so on. Plants can purified air and reduce radiation to humans’ health and offer a better environment to us. So many people