Garden decor Archive

30 Jun 2016

To Design the Path in Your Garden

The path in the garden is one of those must-haves of a wonderful garden. The path could not only lead us to the wonderful garden from our house but also add the unique vibe to our garden
10 Jul 2015

Take Advantage of Eggshells

Eggs contain lots of vitamins, high-quality protein and minerals that we need for body health. Those nutrients that eggs contain are playing an important role in strengthening muscle, brain function and etc. Compared with milk which contains
18 Dec 2014

LED Christmas Lights for Garden

Maybe all of you have been decorated your house perfectly for the coming Christmas Day but how about your garden or courtyard? For a perfect Christmas Day, it is necessary to decorate from indoor to outdoor especially
15 Dec 2014

Santa Claus Comes in Christmas Day

As Christmas Day is coming, people are so excited to do prepare job and welcome this special day. Every family will place a Christmas tree with some small ornaments hanging on at home and many other beautiful
2 Dec 2014

Make Your Christmas Day Perfect

As it is December, Christmas Day is not far away from us. For westerners, Christmas is the most important festival to memorize the birth of Jesus. People will send Christmas cards to their friends and have a
25 Nov 2014

How to Maintain Garden Artificial Grass

Many people nowadays like to have artificial grass in their garden. Even though real grass is more comfortable than fake grass, one of the great benefits of having an artificial lawn is that, the maintaining work is
13 Nov 2014

Yellow Temptation in Garden

Rose is a classical flower which is a woody perennial of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae. You might already be familiar with red rose, white rose, pink rose and so on. However, do you know
7 Nov 2014

Garden Flower Plant: Myosotis Sylyatica

Recently, I kind of like flowers. However, it is not weird at all, as I am a garden hobbier and also a lady, this is normal. So, today I’d love to introduce a kind of pretty flower
9 Oct 2014

Tips for Gardening

It is a common sense that plants need sunshine to make photosynthesis. Most of plants absorb nourishment from the process of photosynthesis. Only in this way can plants grow to be strong and healthy. Apart from plants’