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5 Nov 2015

Romantic Dinner to Surprise Your Love One

There is anniversary coming up, or you just want to get through the romantic night with your love one, so you are going to plan a romantic dinner to celebrate the anniversary or enjoy the night. Moreover,
8 Oct 2015

Homemade Halloween Treats for 2015

Halloween is just around the corner, and everybody should be ready for this spooky and funny day. Have you already pull off all the Halloween decorations? And you are looking for fun ideas for making the Halloween
23 Sep 2015

Novelty Beer Glass Mugs for You and Your Friends

To have beers while I am chatting with my friends in leisure time is a must-do, since the communication would be much funnier with the beers. What’s more, it’s been said that there are lots of unexpected
19 Aug 2015

Novelty Glassware for Drinks

There are lots of occasions that we could use some wonderful glassware. As most of you do, I love to serve the drinks with some wonderful drinkware sets to catch their attention. Moreover, I’m kind of collector,
11 Aug 2015

How to DIY Fruit Infused Water?

In attempt to drink more water and be healthier for the summer, in this post, I am going to show you guys how to make fruit infused water. There is no added sugar and is very healthy.
28 Jul 2015

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party?

Host a fun wine and cheese party that won’t bring you boredom with these ten simple tips. Easy wine selection Keep it simple by collecting three wines for your party, one red like Cabernet, Merlot or Pinot
23 Jul 2015

Drink No-label Coca-Cola in Novel Way

Recently, some Coca-Colas which are unlabeled are sold in Middle East. Although they are made without the logo, people could still figure them out from their red cans with white ribbons. The can looks pretty simple, except
11 Jun 2015

Colorful Cold Drinks for This Summer

I love to drink something cold and sweet in summer days, so does my child. So I always make some cold drinks with different kinds of fruits for my child. And I like to share some cold