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11 Jan 2018

Review of Xiaomi Heating Toilet Seat

Xiaomi deals with the production of various categories of gadgets and accessories such as laptop, cameras, smartphone, glasses, plates, towels quilts amongst others. Recently, the company launches an interesting device for daily use in addition to technology;
4 May 2017

Xiaomi Soocare X3-the helper to protect your teeth

With the public attention to the teeth, people have a higher sales and awareness to electric toothbrushes. The key understanding is that electric toothbrushes are better protected against teeth than ordinary toothbrushes. Some professor dentist had carried
18 Sep 2016

Tips for Decorating Your Bathroom

It’s very common that the bathroom would be the smallest room you have in your house, and you might not have spent much time on decorating it. However, decorating your bathroom in your own way will not
11 Sep 2015

Funny Bathroom Gadgets You Might Not Have Thought of

As the basic bathroom contains, there are a shower, a toilet and a sink. As far as I am concerned, bathroom is a secret and comfortable place to relax myself after I work all day long, so
1 Aug 2015

How to Guarantee Bathroom Safety?

Designing a beautiful bathroom that serves all your needs that creates challenge can be very rewarding. There are some safety issues in the bathroom that deserve your attention. Statistically, the bathroom is the most dangerous room in
12 Jan 2015

Design Ideas to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Bathroom is a place that we use as personal sanctuaries to wash away stress and revive our souls, no matter what size the bathroom is. Big bathroom always offer us a better feeling than a small one.
17 Dec 2014

Several Tips to Remove Lint from Clothes

It is no doubt that having lint stick to clothing is annoying in winter. As lint can ruin an otherwise perfectly dashing outfit, more so if the clothes are dark-colored. To make clothes get rid of the
9 Dec 2014

Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Christmas

In fortnight will come the Christmas. Are you excited about this upcoming big event? Christmas is a special day of gathering, and inviting family and friends for the annual reunion holiday. So have you already done the
26 Nov 2014

Smart Bathroom Gadget: Automatic Soap Dispenser

Keep our hands clean is necessary for the daily life. Think about all of the things that you touch today – from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then