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9 Mar 2015

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean in 5 minutes A Day

To start our new day, bathroom is where we must go every morning. A neat and tidy bathroom can make our mood peace and good, however, to keep this place cleaning is a bit hard for all
10 Feb 2015

DIY Handmade Soap

As people have higher request for life with the development of the society, DIY has become more and more popular in every country. People can make what they really want by themselves and enjoy the process. DIY
7 Feb 2015

Enjoy Your Business Trip

Business activities often have a lot of travel, no matter good or bad. Although the trip was exciting, it is very trouble to leave the town for many people. From packing the luggage to get a good
20 Jan 2015

Save Water First to Protect the Earth

All around the world, there are more than 100 countries are lack of water and 1.5 billion people are lack of fresh water 26 countries of them with about 300 million people have serious water shortage. It
16 Jan 2015

Practical Methods for House Cleaning

Many people have begun to clean the house and decorate modern home decor to welcome the New Year. But there are many problems when we clean the dust in the corner, soot on the kitchen walls and
14 Jan 2015

Eliminate Mold and Mites for Healthy Life

Healthy home means not only fresh air, we also need to pay attention to many things in the environment of daily life such as refrigerators, toilets, cloth sofa, air conditioning, modern home decor and so on. Whether
13 Jan 2015

Stay Comfortable in Damp Weather

Are you still worried about the damp weather, clothes mildew and wet warehouse? Also you’ll be in trouble because of the floor of the house walls are moist and mold. You will find that is uncomfortable to
12 Dec 2014

Soft and Comfortable Door Carpet

I don’t like to be in harness especially at home. So I don’t like to wear slippers and I enjoy the feeling that my feet touch the floor. But after shower, when I go out of the
12 Dec 2014

Bathroom Shower Curtain Shows Your Taste

As we all know, toilet, shower place and faucet are the three mainly parts in a bathroom. When open the bathroom door, we can normally see these parts clearly. It is not a bad thing at all,