Super Holi Sale Lights Up Your Life With Big Discounts: UP To 75% OFF


Holi, a symbol of and the festival of Spring, is going to arrive on March 9th with the blossom of love and hope. When the day comes, Indians will prepare a big celebration for it and share their happiness and love with all of you. Banggood, one of the most important online shopping provider is glad to pay a tribute to this holy festival by launching a big promotion called Holi Super Sale with its wish to double the happiness of the festival. Officially, Holi Super Sale will start on February, 25th, and end on March, 11th. Lasting for 15days, the Sale will be offering you a bunch of super big discounts to let you buy all the things you want in one stop. Now let me show the biggest offers that you should not miss this big sale.

Super Holi Sale

Super Coupons: Activating This Festival of Spring. 

Holi is the Start of the Spring. To activate the festival of Spring, Banggood will provide you with Super Coupons of hot sale items to contribute to the beauty of this special day. Here hot sale items from Banggood top brands like Xiaomi, BlitzWolf, and H96will be available at an unprecedented big discounted price. For example, BlitzWolf® BW-HL2 Smartwatch which is considered as your ultimate fitness tracker comes with 6 built-in sport modes and real-time sports tracking can satisfy you with the sporting experience. Offered with the given big coupon of 30% off, it is available for you only at US$32.99, which is US$15 cheaper than it is in the normal time. And the H96 MAX RK3318 TV Box, one of the most popular TV boxes, is offered at only US$31.99 at the Sale while you have to pay $58.87 for it in the normal time. Have you been surprised at this Super Discounting Offer? For more information about it, please check here.

Buy One Get One Free: Doubling The Blossom of Love. 

Holi is also the festival for the blossom of love. To maximize the blossom of love, Banggood will provide you with buy one get one free offer to let you get doubled love just by paying once. To our joy, most of the items offered by the Banggood partnered brands like Xiaomi, Digoo and BlitzWolf. For instance, Zeblaze THOR 5 PRO Smartwatch which comes in a combination of terrific specification including large storage, dual camera, 800mAh big battery capacity and 9 sport modes can promise you with the comprehensive user experience. Such a smartwatch will be available for you only at $133.99 in the Sale. Not to mention, you will also get a Zeblaze PLUG S smart wristband for free. Besides this wonderful offer, you may also witness many more great offers. So do not miss it.

Big Discounted Offer: Up to US$90 Off Magnifying The Happiness of the Festival

Holi is the festival in which we share happiness with others and maximize it in the world. To try to bring the biggest happiness to you all, we prepare a bunch of big discounts that are available in the category deals such as TV Box, LED projectors. , earbuds, smartwatch,and car light, etc. Most importantly, up to US$90 Off must be offered to you. For example, it is time for you to turn your home into a theater by buying AUN M18UP Full HD Projector with a small budget. This LED projector, coming with full HD 1920*1080 Resolution can provide you with the best movie-watching experience. Given US$90 off, you can buy it at the only US $209.99. And Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box is regarded as the Super TV BOX due to its comprehensive specification. Now in the Holi Sale, it is offered at only $138.88, which is US$51cheaper than it is in the normal time. Besides, there are much more hot-sale LED projectors, TV Boxes and other electronics offered by

BlitzWolf, H96, Beelink, Xiaomi, AUN and so on. For more discounts about them, please check here.

Free Shipping Offer: Delivering Love and Happiness Home For Free

Holi is the day of love and happiness. During the Holi Sale, we will send the love and happiness to you for free, So besides offering big discounts and coupons, we will also offer you some free shipping offers in category sales including clothing, bag&shoes, and RC toys. For example, Men’s African Patchwork Printed Long Sleeve Top Shirts coming with a perfect combination of traditional design and modern tailoring style can make you look stylish. Given 51%off, it is available for you only at US$14.99 and it also ships for free. Xiaoda 220V 3000W Electric Hot Water Heater is equipped with innovative hydropower separation technology which completely isolates and insulates current and water flow, preventing the occurrence of water flow and electricity and ensuring the safety of water with your family. In the Holi Sale, you can also get a big discount to buy it at only US$29.9. Not to mention, we can also deliver it home for free. So if you want more free shipping offers, please check here.

Besides the fantastic offers we mentioned above, much more huge discounts will be available for you in the Super Holi Sale. So do not miss it. Holi is known as the Indian “festival of spring” and the “festival of love”. Now check here to bring your love and happiness home to enjoy this festival of spring. Again, it is on February, 25th when Super Holi Sale will begin with love and hope. Do not miss it.

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