Stunning Decorating Ideas for Your Boring Bathroom


To decorate the bathroom would be a difficult task for most of us because the bathroom not only is small but also doesn’t usually have enough lighting. In view of that, to decorate your bathroom in the right way, you have to choose the right color, such as white or beige. However, the bathroom in solid white seems to be too simple. And some of you might be looking for a way to decorate your bathroom in a flattering and stunning way. So, here are some stunning decorating ideas for refreshing your bathroom with modern home decor.


To add a pop of color to your bathroom, the fabric shower curtains would be a wonderful option. There are a lot of curtains with attractive patterns which are really colorful. And one of the advantages of using the shower curtains is that you could change it easily, as you get tired of the old one. Choosing the one with the large pattern can certainly make your bathroom looks a little bit more dramatic.


To repaint your bathroom with a bold color is an easy and effective way to make your bathroom playful. As far as I am concerned, to keep your bathroom looks bright should be kept in mind as choosing the color. So, green and yellow would be nice for any bathroom. Surprisingly, you could paint your ceiling only with the bright color only and leave the wall in solid white. This is also a way to go.


Aside from repainting your bathroom, you could just retile the floor of your bathroom. To retile your bathroom in an eye-catching style is a stunning idea. If you are going to retile your bathroom in other styles, which kind of styles would be the ideal one? The bohemian style is a unique style that you could take into account. And I have to admit that I have special love for the bohemian style. The psychedelic style seems to be a eye-catching and impressive choice somehow.


You might be more interested in the retro style than other playful styles, so to change your bathroom hardware is also a brilliant idea. To add a sense of vintage, you should have a try on choosing the copper hardware. You could change your bath towel rack, bathroom corner rack, tissue boxes, bathroom faucets and even cabinet handles into the copper one. Although your bathroom is in simple solid white, this copper hardware could make a great difference to your bathroom.


Now, it’s time for you to spice your bathroom up.

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