Stunning Bottles from Digoo


I have introduced the juice blender bottle from Digoo in previous post. And I bet that some of you might though that’s excellent idea. And today, I am going to show you all the bottles from Digoo today.


Digoo DG-VX1 Portable Vortex Mixer Creative Auto Electric Blender Protein Shaker Bottle Evolution

This one could be an attention-grabbing bottle, which is going to make your drink spin. If you are going to gym, this bottle will be the best choice, since you could use this one to shake your protein drink.

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juice blender bottle

Digoo DG-VX2 USB Rechargeable Fresh Juicer Blender Portable Electrical Smoothie Maker Bottle Cup

It’s a juice blender bottle for you to take your juice wherever you go. And I would love to introduce this one for everyone. In my opinion, this one could bring you a healthy life anyway.

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