SONOFF PRODUCTS: Making Your Life Super Smart


With SONOFF products, you can easily build home automation projects. They allow to improve your smart home and control your appliances remotely through the web. The most interesting thing with these products has to be the fact that you will always get amazing discounts every time you shop to purchase them on Banggood. The other reason you should buy SONOFF products is that they come with great features and a desirable quality for great performance. For example, you can build and program with some custom firmware to help in controlling them from your own web application and browser.

I sampled a few of their many products and came up with this article to help you understand SONOFF.


Take a look at some of them below.

The SONOFF T1 US Smart Wall Touch Switch

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This wireless wall switch is compatible with the eWeLink app using Wi-Fi, to allow the you-the end user to switch on or off connected appliances and lights separately from wherever you are. To turn the touch light on/off indoors, it must successfully learn codes with 315 MHz RF remote. You can also create schedules to auto-turn your lights and/or appliances. Now that it works perfectly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can instruct Google to control your appliances and lights on your schedule or anytime you, please.

This SONOFF product is recommended for you and people who travel more often.


SONOFF S20 Wi-Fi Wireless Remote Control Smart Socket

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Home automation is a product of the Internet of Things. SONOFF S20 Smart Socket banks on this technology to help network appliances and devices together and as a result, you are able to seamlessly control them.

With this smart socket, you can, using a convenient timer function that is compatible with a smartphone, turn any plug into a smart outlet instantly.

You can turn on or off any connected device using the manual control knob or via the eWeLink application. Isn’t it interesting controlling home appliances and lights remotely? it definitely is.

This is another gadget I can recommend for you. After buying it, proceed to download the play store or Apple store.


SONOFF Basic DIY Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Switch

This is yet another affordable SONOFF product that can help you with smart home control. It is a remote control power switch that is capable of connecting to a wide range of appliances.

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It transmits data to a cloud platform via the Wi-Fi router, which enables the user to remotely control their home appliances and devices using the eWeLink, as long as the phone supports 2 G/3 G/4 G OR Wi-Fi.

To maintain an easy life, you can set schedules and timers for your appliances. To use this SONOFF product best, it is recommended that you first download the eWeLink app from the Apple store or Google Play store.

The good thing with i is that it also works perfectly with Google Home, so you can instruct it to turn your devices on/off anytime, anywhere.


In Conclusion

The above products are just a drop in the ocean. The lists of amazing products from SONOFF is by no means exhaustive. In this digital age and time, when the Internet of Things is usual in thing, you can express seamless control over your home devices and appliances even remotely.So do SONOFF products make your life smart? Well, that is exactly what they do. Looking for more great deals on SONOFF products? Then visit and score some extra savings on your favorite product. Over to you!

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