Some Little Stuffs can Make Your Bathroom Nice


Sometime we will have a situation like this: you really have a feeling to refresh your ordinary and dull bathroom so that you will be energy again, meanwhile, you do wish spend too much money in changing it, so I would like to bring some ideas on the stage for your bathroom rebirth.

bathroom wall shelves small_bathrooms-design_ideas

As for me, little details matter the most, if you want to change a new look for your bathroom, start with the little accessories will be a good choice for you.

1. Check the old useless things in your bathroom. You need to deal with the overdue and broken stuffs of your bathroom, clean spare place so that you can put some relaxing stuff like plants.

bathroom wall shelves flowersMIYWall-decoration

2. Bathroom wall shelves can help you save place and make things ship-shape at the same time. Try some cutie bathroom wall shelves, hangers, small storage boxes and so on for rebirth.

white-bathroom-wall-shelfbathroom wall shelves

3. Give your bathroom a rug. If your bathroom still does not have a rug, you may need one to be not only as a tool, but also as a decoration.

4. Check your shower head. I think shower head is the most important part of the bathroom, is not it true that your shower head has been used for years? If it is, I suggest you could buy a new fashionable one such as LED Adjustable shower head, this kind of shower head is eco-friendly and inexpensive. 3 mode adjustable water power change also 3 colors of LED will show when the water come. Isn’t it amazing? You will feel refresh after you take a shower by this.

adjustable shower head

In a word, rebirth your bathroom can be very simple, how do you think about it?

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