The Best Solar Lamps For Your Garden


Solar lamps have reaped immense fame in recent times. Why? Because these lights add a gorgeous mood to your garden without posing a threat to the environment. Solar lights for garden use the sun to power themselves. It thus helps you contribute towards world sustainability. Need more reasons to get one? These are super economical and energy efficient. So what are some of the best solar lights for garden lighting? Read along to find out. Let’s learn about 3 amazing lights for outdoors.

solar lights for garden

ARILUX AL-SL17 Solar Power 48 LED PIR Motion Sensor Light

ARILUX AL-SL17 are super brights lamps meant for your walls. The light source is 48pcs COB LED. With these lights, you don’t have to worry about adversities of the weather. These are weather and water resistant. The unit uses 5.5V solar panels producing 1 W of power.

An amazing feature of these ARILUX lights is their Induction mode. The unit can control the lights as per the human presence or absence. It can sense you from a distance of 3-5 meters. The 1800mah Lithium Battery lets these lights work relentlessly for 12 Hours with 8 hours of charging.

solar lights for garden

ARILUX Waterproof 3.5W 66 LED Solar Light PIR Motion Sensor Wall Lamp

Another great wall lamp for your garden is ARILUX Waterproof 3.5W. These lights accumulate solar power throughout the day and automatically light up at nights. It uses a 5.5V 1.5W solar panels for power. The 2200mAh Rechargeable Battery can power these lamps for 8-10 hours with 6-8 hours of charging.

Coming to the light quality, the lamp uses 66pcs 4-sided LEDs giving out 6000-6500K widespread white light. There are 3 modes of operation. There’s a constant light mode where the light is consistently bright. And the next is the dim light mode which brightens on human presence. The last one is the induction mode where it brightens for 30 seconds when you pass through. The sensor works well up to a range of 8-10 meters.

solar lights for garden

Solar Power 30 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light

This lamp makes another great unit illuminate your gardens. The lamp uses 30 LEDs to produce amazing bright and properly controlled lights. It comes with a 5.5V/0.6W DC solar panel and a 3.7V 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery.

Again a handy feature. The lamp brightens up when a person is near and fades away once they leave. The lamp gives a very weak light even if switched on during the daytime. A sensor detects the presence of a human body from a distance of 5 meters and 120-degree angles to brighten it up. It’s also weather, heat, and water resistant.

solar lights for garden

Bottom line

Considering the tremendous benefits of solar lights, it seems the best illuminator for your gardens and outdoors. Maybe for indoors as well. Let’s be responsible towards the mother nature and opt for something that’s safer. After all, it benefits us as well. For more solar lights for garden, please check here.

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