Solar fan: All you need to know


Solar fans just like electric fans help in decreasing temperatures on the interiors of a home or office or any given area. The most common solar fans are attic fans which are installed on the exterior roof or inside the attic to keep the area temperature controlled. The size of the solar fan can determine its ability to reduce the temperatures with some reducing up to 50°. These fans come with a number of advantages that have made them very popular choices for homeowners and business owners.

Solar fan

Types of Solar fan

1. Window Fan
In your homes, any window that faces the direction of the sun may use the window solar fan. When you have your tiny solar panel handy, you can affix that to the window so that it faces the sun. This will work perfectly right as the fan will be inside the room blowing air while tapping the power from the panel that is by the window. It is important to know that this type of fan can run without electricity and is considered as the perfect alternative to A/C.

2. Attic Fan
You can use this type of fan during the summer; your attic fan will get hotter as the sun hits the roof of your house. The hotness will be much such that you may be seeing some haze from the device. It is good to know that using a tiny solar panel that faces the sky will enable the attic fan to work at its best.

3. Kitchen Fan
A solar fan can also be used in the kitchen if you want to get rid of the heat that is simmering from the cooking. It’s simple, just place the fan around the kitchen’s window and attach the solar panel by the window so it faces the sun. Switch on your fan and enjoy.

4. House Fan
If you have the plan to fan your entire house with a solar fan, a house fan should be the most suitable for this purpose. This is done by centralizing a large house fan at the base of the attic to enable air to circulate through the house. This is done by connecting the house fan to a solar panel that is on the roof or you may decide to consolidate all your attic fans into a single panel for this purpose. Whichever way you chose will surely work or you will like it when the house is cooling.

The best way to find cheap and quality solar ceiling fans is on the Internet. Many retailers like offer solar fans in various designs and styles and in good quality.

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