Smart Prod Leads to Smart Home Experience


With technology developing at a fast pace, the subject of the smart home is becoming popular among people. In an effort to alleviate our day-to-day life, manufacturing visionaries began contemplating an all-around solution, which ultimately led to extraordinary smart home product discoveries. Truth be told, to each and every one of us, home commodities have become simply a must. As a result, inventors of the world began thinking globally and came up with a variety of smart home products which Xiaomi Universal Remote Controller, Smart Home Plug, and Xiaomi Thermometer Hygrometer. But how they guarantee a smart home for us? Let me show it by showing the review of them for you.

Xiaomi Universal Remote Controller

  1. Xiaomi Universal Remote Controller

This uber-easy remote control system comes packed with plenty of options to choose from. Armed with various practical functions, including Remote Control Timing Switch, 360control, 20 meters of linear IR distance, this remote does it all for you. Your life has never been easy! Imagine a remote control that has WI-FI? It enables you to perform tasks at your own comfort without straining. Affordable and handy, this little miracle maker can be easily connected to your phone or tablet and be ready for use in a jiffy. Hey, you are just a button-press away from comfort!

Xiaomi Universal Remote Controller


  1. Smart Home Plug

Welcome to the world of perfect Internet control! What this little bad boy does is, it allows you to connect all home devices or appliances together, resulting in a drastically improved management of your overall home equipment. By simply using this plug on your home devices, you will be able to control anything from house lighting to music and respective home appliances. Having in mind the device’s Wi-Fi- App connection, as well as Automatic Configure net technology and timing support, this is the product to have at home.

Smart Home Plug

  1. Xiaomi Thermometer Hygrometer

Last but not least, the Xiaomi thermometer hygrometer enables overall Wi-Fi coverage, managed via smartphone, tablet or computer. Isn’t this a lifesaver! To make matters even better,  Xiaomi thermometer hygrometer allow you to regulate humidity and room temperature on the Mi APP by instructing the air-conditioner to work in accordance with the client’s needs. Plus, you get a full LED digital display, incorporated Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor, and temperature accuracy alert so that you can know clearly the weather condition before going out and you can be kept from the situations where you wear less in a cold day.

Xiaomi Thermometer Hygrometer


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