Smart Home Products of Xiaomi on Banggood 10th Anniversary


Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, recently, has been tried their best to make smart home products. Although most of us are familiar with some of its electronic products and devices instead of its smart home products, here are Xiaomi plant tester and Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor that you should take a look at.

xiaomi plant tester

Original Xiaomi 4 in 1 Flower Plant Light Temperature Tester Garden Soil Moisture Nutrient Monitor

I have introduced this one in previous post, and this one could be the best assistant for gardening. And you might be interested in this one, if you are a beginner.

Check Here: Xiaomi Plant Tester

Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor

New Arrival Original Xiaomi Mini Smart Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor White

This is for people who would love to test the temperature and humidity wherever they want. About this Xiaomi smart sensor, here is the post with more detail information that you might be looking for.

Check Here: Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor

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