Smart Home Products of BroadLink are Hot-Selling on Banggood 10th Anniversary


Here comes Banggood 10th anniversary. We appreciate your support, and we would love to celebrate this significant day with you. And today, we would love to share some smart home products of BroadLink that are hot-selling on Banggood 10th anniversary. We have introduced you lots of smart home products from BroadLink in previous posts, and there are lots of wonderful products that could make our much better than we have expected. So, take a look at what you could get as great bargains from Banggood 10th Anniversary.

smart home products

And here are some smart home products that you could get with discount right now!

BroadLink A1

BroadLink A1 White WiFi Intelligent Smart Home Air Detector Sensor Purifier Remote Control

This one could detect the environment indexes, for example, VOC, decibel, humidity and temperature. It’s certainly the e-Air detector that you should have in your home. And I have written a review of BroadLink A1. If you want more information, you could check this BroadLink A1 Air Sensor or the product page I show down beneath.

Check Here: BroadLink A1

Broadlink RM Pro

Broadlink RM Pro Wifi Universal Remote Controller Match with Digoo RC-13 RF Remote Control Socket

A remote controller from smart home products is essential for smart home beginners. And this BroadLink RM Pro or so-called BroadLink RM2 is the one we highly recommend. And we got introductions of this product on our blog, including the detail information and how it works.

Check Here: Broadlink RM Pro

broadlink wifi socket

BroadLink SP Mini WiFi Smart Home Socket Switch Plug Timer Wireless Remote Controller

This is a mini smart home socket switch for your electronic devices such as the air conditioner. With this SP mini plug, you could turn on your air conditioner in advance before you get home. And here is the post about SP mini plug you might need for more detail information.

Check Here: BroadLink WiFi Socket

wireless power strip

Broadlink MP1 Smart Home Wifi Timing Plug Power Strip 4 Ports Individual Wireless Remote Control

A smart WiFi socket is not enough for many electric devices. Don’t worry. We have got you covered since we got this MP1 smart home power strip for you. For more details about this power strip, here is the post about BroadLink MP1 power strip.

Check Here: Wireless Power Strip

BroadLink SP3

BroadLink SP3 SPcc Contros Mini WiFi Smart Home Socket Timing Switch Plug Timer Wireless Remote Controller

Smart home socket is also really important in smart home system. And this BroadLink SP3 might be the smart choice for you, since it could be controlled remotely, has safety lock, LED night light and charging protection. So this one is safe to use and could make life much convenient.

Check Here: BroadLink SP3

Broadlink TC2

Broadlink TC2 Smart Home Original EU US UK Touching 2 Loads Panel Switch Wireless Remote Light Controller

This is a smart switch with modern exterior, and could be controlled remotely. And there is a promotion for you to get this one at a lower price now. You should better hurry, if you decide to have a smart switch in your house.

Check Here: Broadlink TC2

 alarm door sensor

Broadlink S1C Wirelss Door Window Sensor SmartOne Alarm Security Accessory Smart Home System

For your home security, this BroadLink S1C sensor is the one you shouldn’t miss.

Check Here: Alarm Door Sensor

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